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Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry assists members who have lost loved ones with funeral arrangement and more.

Beautification Ministry

The Beautification Ministry is responsible for addressing and maintaining an excellent physical appearance of our worship facility so that members and visitors always see a reflection of the standard of excellence of God; ensure God’s house is beautifully decorated as the season dictates.

Communications Ministry

The Communications Ministry creates and communicates content to present Christ, the church, and community through creative messagings.

Community Outreach Ministry

The Community Outreach ministry focuses on evangelizing, equipping, and empowering people and land on the Eastside of Detroit. 

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry focuses on preparing and serving food for a repass, and other special events as requested.

Excel Scholarship Ministry 

The Excel Scholarship Ministry prepares our youth for higher education and career development. Scholarships are distributed to graduating seniors, and ongoing support is provided to all students, K-12 and college.

G.A.P. Ministry 

The G.A.P ministry are adult members of our church aged 21-50 focused on doing life and ministry together. 

Health & Wellness Ministry

The Health & Wellness Ministry provides healthcare empowerment through educational resources that positively impact the physical, social, emotional, and psychological well-being of our members and community at large.  Licensed and qualified team members provide aid and assistance when needed.

Helping Hands Ministry

The Helping Hands Ministry is focused on providing resources to the homeless, and ministering to the homeless. 

Hospitality Ministry

The hospitality ministry works in collaboration with the ushers to provide a welcoming environment of love, acceptance, comfort, support, care, and unity for visitors, members, guests, and friends in order to enhance their worship experience, encourage fellowship, and help build a community of believers.

Media Ministry

The purpose of the media ministry is to make it possible to share our evangelistic worship and teaching opportunities via telecommunications to our members and beyond. 

Men's Ministry

This ministry is designed to edify, empower, and encourage men to live and operate in their God-ordained role. Through teaching and fellowship, this ministry builds kingdom men of purpose and power.

Music Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to minister and intercede for His people through music. This ministry includes the Praise Team and Choirs.

Praise Dance Ministry 

The Praise dance ministry celebrates, worship, and praise God through liturgical dance and flag dance movements.

Roots Ministry

The Roots Ministry is designed to enroll new members in our church and prepare them for service through our church. 

Senior Care Ministry

Senior Care Ministry serves the seniors of Fellowship by providing important resources and opportunities for socialization. The senior care ministry ensures that the seniors of Fellowship are cared for in and outside of the church.

Tech Systems/Support Ministry

The purpose of Tech/Systems Support Ministry is to help people stay connected and make our lives easier in this digital age, and provide tech maintenance on church systems as needed.

Women's Ministry

This ministry is designed to edify, encourage and empower women to live and operated in their ordained role. Through teaching and  fellowship, interaction, transparency, and accountability, this ministry will build kingdom women of purpose and power.

Worship Arts Ministry

The Worship Arts Ministry endeavors to create, produce and perform Christian traditional and contemporary productions that communicate biblical truths and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life. It also seeks to highlight current issues and dramatize the Christian response to such issues.

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